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Telia Selects ATEME to Power its Next Generation OTT Offering in Estonia


PARIS, DENVER, SINGAPORE, SAO PAULO 06 DECEMBER, 2018 - ATEME, il-mexxej emerġenti f'soluzzjonijiet tal-kunsinna bil-vidjo għal xandir, kejbil, DTH, IPTV and OTT, announced today that Telia Estonia, one of the largest telecommunication companies operating in the Baltics, has selected ATEME’s TITAN solution to compress and package its next generation OTT offering.

The project aims to extend the reach of HD services throughout Estonia and introduces new packaging formats.

TITAN, ATEME’s complete distribution solution, enables Telia Estonia to enhance its OTT offering with the following benefits:

  • Premium Video Experience: ATEME’s STREAM© algorithms maintain content fidelity at minimum bitrate. It enables Telia Estonia to extend the reach of its HD profiles to the most remote households and significantly improves the quality of service.
  • High Density, Low Power: TITAN, a pure software-based encoder that can run on any COTS or virtualized server, enabling Telia Estonia to quickly deploy high quality live channels. With the integrated E3 CPU-GPU processing capabilities of the VCA boards, TITAN delivers up to 60 full HD profiles per RU, reducing power consumption to a few watts per channel, while maintaining high encoding fidelity.
  • Operational Efficiency: Used with AMS, service oriented and scalable ATEME management system for all TITAN applications, TITAN simplifies deployment and operations.

“When looking to expand our existing OTT channels offering, the key requirement was compression efficiency, backup requirements and solution simplicity. We can survive complete loss of one site and have automatic switchover to a backup site without customers even noticing,” said Oliver Mändla, Broadcast Solutions Team Leader at Telia Estonia. “The choice of ATEME’s solution not only meets all our technical and cost related requirements but also provides intuitive and predictive operations, a committed roadmap and a futureproof all-inclusive engagement model.”

“Telia Estonia is a major reference in the region and rewards several years of product investment. This success demonstrates the excellent execution of our local teams, who continue to delight our customers every day.” said Igor Stankovic ATEME EMEA Sales Manager.

About Telia Estonia:

Telia Estonia is one of the largest IT and telecommunication companies in the L-istati Baltiċi and member of Telia Company.


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